Learn how to manage Resolver RiskVision connectors.

About Connectors

An overview of connectors in Resolver RiskVision.

Displaying Connectors

Learn about connector tables and details.

Modifying the Connector Configuration

How to change the connector configuration in Resolver RiskVision.

Connector Healthcheck Alert

Configuring notifications for Connector Healthcheck alerts in Resolver RiskVision.

Threat Intelligence Connector

Changing the Resolver RiskVision connector configuration.

Troubleshooting Connectors

How to troubleshoot common connector issues in Resolver RiskVision.

Configuring JSON Support for the NVD Connector

How to upgrade the NVD connector for Resolver RiskVision to download the NVD JSON feed.

NVD Data Map Overview

What data or fields the connector imports into RiskVision from .json files.

Upload Connector Data

How to manually upload connector input files into RiskVision.