View & Export Version History

RiskVision allows users to view the version history of controls and subcontrols and export the history as a CSV file.

To view and export the version history of a control or subcontrol:

  1. Open RiskVision.

  2. Go to Content > Controls and Questionnaires.

  3. Navigate to a control or subcontrol in Organization Content > Controls in the navigation tree to the left. 

  4. Check the box next to a control or subcontrol and select Browse Versions from the More Actions dropdown list to display the Version History dialogue.The Version History dialogue.

  5. Optional: To view a comparison between two different versions, click the checkbox next to the two desired versions and click Diff View.

  6. Optional: To export a report on a specific version of the control, click the checkbox next to the desired version and click Export Version. A report will be downloaded in .csv format.