Reports With Logos Fail to Load

Some users have reported that reports in the JasperReports Server with logos have been failing to load after upgrading from RiskVision version 9.2 to version 9.4 and above. Instead of seeing the report, users get an error message that states Byte data not found.

If you see a similar error message while attempting to load a report with a logo, follow the below steps.

To resolve the report loading issue:

  1. Launch JasperReports Server in standalone mode.

  2. Export the report that is not loading.

  3. Use WinRAR to unzip the report.

  4. Navigate to the and rename it to main_jrxml.jrxml.

  5. Open the main_jrxml.jrxml file and perform the following:

    1. Change the text from <imageExpression><![CDATA["repo:/organizations/Agiliance/Reports/<REPORTSfolder>/<reportname>/<logo>"]]></imageExpression> to <imageExpression><![CDATA["repo:logo"]]></imageExpression>

    2. Save your changes and close the file.

  6. In JasperReports Server, click Edit on the report that is not loading.

  7. In the Locate the JRXML File field, browse for the renamed main_jrxml.jrxml file.

  8. Click Submit.

  9. Run the report.

If the problem persists after following these steps, contact Resolver support.