New Articles

  1. Replace Dashboard

    If desired, users can replace the Threat & Vulnerability Manager dashboard with one of their own. To replace the dashboard: Navigate to the  <RISKVISION_HOME>\tomcat\webapps\spc\WEB-INF\classes folder. Open  UIWorkspace.x...
  2. Delete Entities

    How to delete an entity from the RiskVision application.
  3. View & Export Version History

    How to view and export a content's version history in Resolver RiskVision Compliance Manager.
  4. Patch Apache Log4j 2 Vulnerability

    How to patch a vulnerability that leaves Apache Log4j 2 more vulnerable to remote code execution attacks.
  5. Related Risks

    How to add and remove related risks from a risk in Resolver RiskVision Vendor Risk Manager.
  6. Hardware

    An overview of the Entity's hardware tab as well as how to add, remove, and edit hardware.
  7. Version 9.7 Known Issues

    A list of known issues in RiskVision 9.7, along with their workarounds (if any).
  8. Version 9.7 Bug Fixes

    A list of bug fixes included in the Resolver RiskVision version 9.7 release.
  9. Version 9.7 Release Notes

    A summary of new features and improvements added to Resolver RiskVision 9.7.
  10. Version 9.7 System Requirements

    The minimum system requirements to install Resolver RiskVision version 9.7.