Modify Drill-Down Reports

As of RiskVision version 9.3.5, drill-down reports will now render in five seconds or less. In order to leverage these performance improvements, the $P{REPORT_SCRIPTLET}.getEncryptedIdString property must be removed from the report's code. When creating a new report, simply do not add this property during the creation process. For pre-existing reports, there are a few more steps to follow.

To modify existing reports:

  1. Export the desired drill-down report zip file. The exact location will vary from user to user. For example, the report file could be located in the exportAllApp\resources\organizations\Agiliance\Reports\POC_Reports\Chevron\All_Vulnerabilities_by_Application_files folder.

  2. Open the file.

  3. Search for jsp.

  4. Remove the $P{REPORT_SCRIPTLET}.getEncryptedIdString property from every line of code containing jsp.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Re-zip the report and re-import it. The corresponding report will now render faster.