Improvisation of Report Writing Requirements

RiskVision has introduced an approach that aids in effectively writing reports for customer requirements.

Organizations rely on reports from their compliance assessment program to identify effectiveness in their controls and assessments in order to determine their compliance level. This can include identifying the top failed controls at the enterprise level, business area, or at the control level from a compliance program.

To that end, reports must be run through multiple RiskVision tables (Asset, Program, Assessment, etc.) and joined to achieve the desired results. If it is required to run above joined tables multiple times, fetching results from these tables will have a negative impact on the database and application, resulting in reduced productivity.

To help with this problem and to avoid running and fetching results from joined tables multiple times, we have created temporary tables containing essential data that can be refreshed overnight. This allows the RiskVision team to work on this temporary table rather than working across multiple ones.

This involves running the DDL command and a few stored procedures.

For further assistance and implementation, please contact our Professional Services or contact our Support team.