Exporting Charts to the JasperReports Server

Exporting a RiskVision chart to JasperReports Server involves saving the JRXML file definition. You can import the JRXML saved file into JasperReports Server to implement more interactive charts.

To export a chart to JasperReports Server format:

  1. In the RiskVision application, go to Analytics > Charts.
  2. In the charts tree, locate the group which contains the chart that you want to export and then click the group to display the available charts on the right pane.
  3. You can export charts with or without a parameter.
    1. To export a chart without a parameter, select a chart and choose Export to Jasper from the More Actionsdrop-down list.
    2. To export a chart along with a parameter, select a chart and then click Details. In the Charts tab, click Jasper Export.
  4. A confirmation dialog appears asking you whether to save or open the JRXML file. Choose Save and then click OK to save the chart.