Concurrent Users Vs. Concurrent Report Executions

The load on JasperReports Server can be increased by user actions such as executing reports, exploring data through ad hoc views, and executing automated reports through APIs or scheduling.

As a general rule, the ratio of named users to active users to concurrent actions can be estimated using the 100:10:1 rule. By using this rule, users can more effectively schedule automated reports so that too much strain is not placed on the system. Scheduled reports can be executed with the Snapshot option enabled to ensure that these reports do not impose any resource requirements at the time of viewing. The Snapshot option stores a copy of data when the report first runs so that users can get data from that copy rather than taking up memory querying the data source. This especially reduces the load for large reports or reports that are frequently viewed.

To enable the Snapshot option:

  1. Navigate to C:\ReportServer\ReportServer\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF\.

  2. Open the applicationContext-data-snapshots.xml file.

  3. Locate the dataSnapshotService bean.

  4. Set the snapshotPersistenceEnabled property to true.