About Customization

Learn about Resolver RiskVision Server customizations you can tailor based on your organization's requirements.

Customization and Advanced Configuration

Options for customizing your Resolver RiskVision Server.

Change the Date and Time Format

How to change your Resolver RiskVision date and time format from YYYY-MM-DD to MM:DD:YYYY.

Set Time-Out Values for Report Execution

How to set the time-out values for Resolver RiskVision reports and Jaspersoft reports.

RiskVision Report Execution Time-Out

Change the Resolver RiskVision Report time-out settings.

Jaspersoft Report Execution Time-Out

How to set the Ad Hoc Query Timeout for JasperReports Server for use with Resolver RiskVision.

Map the Data Folder to an External Drive

How to map the data folder to an external drive when backing up the Resolver RiskVision server.

Move the Images Folder

How to move the images folder.

Run System Jobs on a Separate Machine

Running system jobs on a separate machine from the Resolver RiskVision server.